About Us

About us

About us

Timeless, Authentic and Sustainable. Three central pillars which summarises all that we strive to be here at Timeless Vintage Co.


Our concept is simple. We source timeless, rare and sought-after, designer items from around the World to provide you with the very best curated, selection of vintage pieces. We are also strong advocates of sustainable fashion, and seek out hidden, timeless pieces that deserve to be thrown back into the spotlight. Worn and loved, instead of covered and concealed. Beautiful handbags, boxed and hidden in wardrobes, shimmering rings hidden from the light in jewellery boxes or iconic scarves tucked away in drawers. The form, craftsmanship and design of the pieces lending them more to a life in the spotlight, instead of a life hidden from view.


Our Story

The story of Timeless Vintage Co began as two passions merged into one. Our dedication to environmentalism, and our love for expertly crafted, vintage designer pieces collided as we sought to promote the idea of reusing and re-loving used pieces.


Choosing sustainability doesn’t have to come at the cost of avoiding high fashion. Designer pieces have so much left to give. They carry a timelessness that is often hard to characterise. Each piece the epitome of great craftsmanship and design. The quality and workmanship of these pieces is sublime, and the lifespan of each article can tremendously exceed that of the season for which it was created. Whether the Winter of ’55, or Summer of ‘69.


Smooth and Seamless Shopping

Each of our items is professionally photographed from all angles. Showing off details like stitching, logos and metallic hardware. The piece is fully analysed, and an informative description upon each item page allows you to make effortless and informed decisions. There is also insightful background information on the iconic brands behind each item.


Our collections are easy to browse and peruse through, allowing you to filter through
brands, styles and prices.


Authenticity of the Highest Degree

We conduct thorough authenticity evaluations, expertly analysing every aspect of the timeless pieces that make their way across our table. Every stitch, stamp and serial number inspected. We have years of experience, and our eyes are trained to notice any suspect detailing that doesn’t belong. You can read more about our Authenticity Promise here.


Encouraging Sustainable Fashion

Our passion for beautifully timeless, designer items was fused together with our personal philosophy to protect the environment. Instead of classic pieces sitting unused and unloved in boxes, we aim to advocate for the reuse of designer pieces. A boxed item that was once hidden at the back of a wardrobe could be the perfect item to complete the look you’re assembling for a new job or special occasion. Or it could even be a coveted everyday piece that you’ll love and use daily. Buying with Timeless Vintage Co is a brilliantly sustainable way to add incredible, classic pieces to your wardrobe without buying new.


The ability to give these items a new life is particularly special to us. Because our items are sourced from around the World each item carries the possibility of having moved between different lifestyles and cultures. Whether Chanel bag that previously walked the streets of Paris in the 1950’s on the arm of fashion connoisseur. Or a Fendi bag that was originally bought on someone’s first ever trip to Rome in the 1970’s. They can now be loved again and worn with pride as you step out into the World donning a beautiful pre-loved piece of vintage fashion.


We hope you enjoy perusing through our curated collections, and hope you find beautifully timeless pieces that can take on a new life with you!

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