Chanel handbags frequently grace the ‘must-have’ lists of fashion connoisseurs around the world. With the iconic changes Coco Chanel made to women’s fashion, and the timelessness of the Chanel handbag repertoire, it’s easy to see why.

The price of Chanel bags increases year after year. So to paraphrase an ancient proverb, the best time to buy a Chanel bag was 20 years ago, the second best time is now!

Most popular Chanel bags of all time

We’ve gathered together the 10 most popular Chanel Bags that remain as covetable as ever. Each bag on the list is one of the most searched-for bag styles of Chanel.

1. Chanel 2.55

We of course have to begin with the ultimate Chanel classic. For true Chanel connoisseurs, this is the bag to invite into your collection. Designed by Coco Chanel herself, and linked to the debut of the shoulder strap for women’s handbags, it’s a true icon.

The only issue is, do you keep things classic with a black lambskin leather finish, or opt for something bolder?

Chanel 2.55 Shoulder Bag in Metallic Silver

2. Chanel Classic 

An exceptionally close contender for the top spot, the Chanel Classic is actually an iteration of the 2.55. Designed by the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel Classic Handbag is one of the most familiar, recent styles of Chanel.

Like the Chanel 2.55, black lambskin leather is usually one of the most popular Chanel leathers for the Classic.

Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Black Lambskin Leather

3. Chanel Boy Bag 

With its iconic status, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Chanel Boy Bag is an earlier Chanel style. It actually debuted in 2011 and has since become a firm favourite among true Chanel connoisseurs.

The boxy, structured shape pairs perfectly with the androgynous style that Coco Chanel brought to women’s fashion.

Chanel Boy Bag in Dark Grey

4. Chanel Camera Case

The Chanel Camera Case has become an increasingly popular bag for everyday use because of its sleek yet versatile size. Perfect for a small mirrorless camera, it’s a great option for travel and day trips as it’s compact yet surprisingly roomy.

Chanel Mini Camera Bag in Lambskin Leather

5. Chanel Wallet On Chain (WOC)

The Wallet on Chain, or WOC as it is referred to by those in the know, is another petite iteration of the flap bag. The smaller size has made it a popular bag style for evening wear.

Red Chanel Wallet on Chain (WOC)

6. Chanel Deauville Tote

The ultimate summer Chanel bag. The Deauville Tote debuted in 2012 but is linked to the favourite Normandy beach resort of Coco Chanel with which it shares the same name. Its open design and slouchy structure lend it perfectly to the laid-back days of summer.

Chanel Deauville Shoulder Bag

7. Chanel Gabrielle Bag

Set apart from the familiar flap style of the 2.55 or Classic bag, the Gabrielle is one of the most popular Chanel hobo bag styles. With a simple zipped opening and crossbody strap, it has become an incredibly popular ‘everyday’ bag style.

Gabrielle Chanel bag | Photo by Mona Siswanto on Unsplash

8. Chanel Mini Flap Bag

A mini iteration of the 2.55 and Classic bags, the Chanel Mini Flap Bag has become an increasingly popular style. With its petite size and smaller price tag, it has become the perfect bag to add a little bit of Chanel history into your life.

Chanel Mini Flap Bag in Baby Blue

9. Chanel Vanity Case

Introduced into the Chanel repertoire by Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel Vanity case is a perfect ode to the era in which Chanel began. With various compartments, vanity cases were used to carry makeup and toiletries whilst travelling. Today, however, the Chanel vanity case is frequently chosen as a versatile evening bag. Vintage and pre-loved Chanel vanity cases are highly sought after by collectors.

Chanel Caviar Leather Vanity Case in Yellow

10. Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

Debuted in the 90s, the Grand Shopping Tote, or GST, rose to iconic status after being featured in The Hills. Although discontinued, the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote is still heavily sort after by Chanel fashionistas.

Chanel GST Bag in Ivory

Brand new or pre-loved?

Lusting after one of these Chanel bags but unable to commit to the price tag? There’s unfortunately no such thing as a Chanel sale or discount code… but you could instead opt for a pre-loved Chanel handbag.

You get the joy of owning your own little piece of Chanel history, but you keep costs down. It’s also a great way to participate in a circular fashion and make your Chanel purchase more eco-conscious.


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