Many luxury designer bags have a high-end style that tends to pair best with heels and more formal attire. While a Chanel flap bag or Louis Vuitton Speedy elevates a formal outfit, sometimes we need a bag to match our laid-back days, where sneakers, converse and cosy jumpers take centre stage.

Designer bags for a laid back look

If you’re set on adding a designer bag to your collection but tend to favour outfits that embrace a more casual vibe, check out these pre-loved designer bags for a laid-back look!

1. Fendi Monogram Mini Handbag in Beige

As a brand, Fendi has always represented a more edgy, casual style. It rose to prominence in the fashion world with an unconventional use of fur and leather.

Like Gucci, Fendi is often seen as an edgier brand when compared with Chanel or Louis Vuitton. The unstructured canvas on this Fendi mini handbag adds a soft, casual tone to outfits. Its softer style makes it a great everyday bag that pairs with leggings, jeans and light linen clothing.

2. Prada Mini Nylon Handbag in Red

Miuccia Prada broke high fashion ‘rules’ with the release of her collection of nylon designer bags. The introduction of such a casual, versatile material was a step that fast-forwarded Prada into the position of a revolutionary fashion powerhouse.

Prada’s nylon bags are incredibly iconic and are an ideal option for those looking for a more casual approach to high fashion.

3. Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Bucket Bag

The French fashion house has long been associated with formal and structured bags. The Noe brings a casual charm to an outfit with its bucket bag shape and drawstring closure.

4. Chanel Grey Jelly Tote Shoulder Bag

There are some luxury designer brands which speak more to the formal, elegant style of fashion — none more so than Chanel. Of course one of the most iconic Chanel fashion moments was the introduction of tweed and jersey materials into womenswear by Coco Chanel.

The brand has never been afraid to move into more casual territory, especially over the last few decades. While Chanel is mostly known for its iconic, structured flap bags, there are some options for a more laid-back style.

This pre-loved Grey Jelly Tote Bag from Chanel allows you to bring high fashion to a much more relaxed outfit. From gym wear to beach cover-ups its waterproof nature means it can blend into any poolside or active environment.

5. Prada Milano Nylon Shoulder Bag in Black

Sleek and minimal, the Prada Milano shoulder bag in black nylon pairs well with edgier outfits. Its simple design allows it to effortlessly blend in with multiple colours, bold textures and uniquely structured garments.

6. Chanel Sports Line Tricolour Backpack

In complete contrast to the signature, black quilted leather of a Chanel 2.55, this sports backpack can easily be paired with sneakers and a more dressed-down look. It brings together the innovative design of a high-fashion house with a futuristic, casual twist.

Opting for a pre-loved or vintage designer bag is a great way to increase your styling options — all whilst staying more sustainable. 

There are lots of other benefits of buying vintage too, including a reduced price point, which allows you to invite some incredible brands into your wardrobe.


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