Louis Vuitton zipped purse with the cream and blue Damier Azur canvas.

The Damier canvas fabrics created by Louis Vuitton hold so much brand heritage. The Damier Azur colourway often catches the eye of many because of its summery colourway. However because of its lighter colour, many worry about staining and discolouration. So how does it hold up? Is it worth buying a Damier Azur handbag?

Do Damier Azur Canvas bags stain more easily?

Because of its cream and pastel tones, the Damier Azur canvas is more prone to showing stains or colour transfers when compared to the Damier Ebene or Monogram Canvas. However, because of the protective coating, the canvas is still very resistant to water splashes, minor scratches and light stains.

A pre-loved Damier Azur purse with minor wear on the gold hardware only | Timeless Vintage

The leather trim, however, depending on your bag choice, is usually a beige, cream or light pink Vachetta leather. This untreated, lighter leather is much more susceptible to staining and even watermarks. Also be wary of the bag rubbing against denim, magazines, newspapers and new bright coloured clothing — especially on humid or rainy days.

A close-up of the Damier Azur Canvas

Some stains can be gently removed with a cloth, others, like pen, ink and dye stains, will need to be cleaned and restored professionally. We have a guide to cleaning Vachetta leather, but it’s generally best to follow general handbag maintenance and care tips to keep it in pristine condition and minimise the chance of damage.

Why is it called Damier Azur?

The name Damier is French for ‘chequerboard’, which highlights the alternating coloured squares of the design. Azur is in reference to the blue coloured squares, as Azure is a shade of blue.

Does Damier Azur yellow over time?

Damier Azur does have a creamy, vanilla hue, it’s certainly not a crisp white pattern. In certain lighting (e.g. shaded), and especially when placed next to a sheet of white paper, it can appear to have yellow undertones.

Because of the lighter nature of Damier Azur, it can age and become slightly more off-white over time. However, like the patina that develops on Vachetta leather, this is an expected trait and one that simply adds to the ‘vintage’ appeal and storyline of pre-loved Damier Azur canvas bags.

Should I buy a second-hand Damier Azur bag?

Purchasing any pre-loved Louis Vuitton handbag is a great way to keep your carbon footprint down and also to save money. A pre-loved Damier Azur purse or bag that has been truly loved will have aged well, and would still make an excellent investment piece.

A secondhand Louis Vuitton in Damier Azur with no signs of exterior wear | Timeless Vintage

5 reasons to love Damier Azur Canvas

If you’ve chosen the Damier canvas vs the Monogram canvas, the next big decision is to choose which Damier canvas colour way, Damier Ebene or Damier Azur. After analysing the pros and cons of care and durability, here are 5 reasons to love the Damier Azur canvas…

  1. It’s a refreshingly summery print, Louis Vuitton often refers to it as a ‘summery’ style in their handbag and purse descriptions.
  2. It’s one of the most iconic Louis Vuitton fabrics, so choosing a bag with the Damier Azur canvas is definitely a worthwhile investment.
  3. It pairs exceptionally well with the lighter colours of summery clothes, especially cotton and linen.
  4. It can add an alternative colour way to your handbag collection if you usually opt for classic black and brown tones, like a quilted black Chanel flap bag or the beige and brown of the Gucci Boston bag.
  5. It can easily be dressed up for nights out and weekends away, or paired with a more laid-back, casual look as an everyday bag.

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