Investing in Chanel bags is often said to be more reliable than investing in the stock market. While the risk is arguably much lower, it’s important to understand why Chanel bags have such amazing resale value and how to make sure you make the best choice.

Below we uncover our top tips for investing in Chanel bags. From which bag styles hold the highest value, when and where to resell, and even specific bag colours… There are ways to guarantee a safe investment.

Which Chanel bag should you choose?

If you’re simply investing in Chanel bags as an asset, we definitely recommend choosing one of the classics:

The 2.55

This iconic bag was created by Coco Chanel in February 1955 — hence its name. The longer chain was a revolutionary addition that changed women’s fashion forever. Allowing women to wear their bags across the body for ease and comfort.

With the immense history behind these bags, if you find one within the resale market, they’re definitely worth investing in.

The 2.55 Reissue

Similar in style to the 2.55, the reissue was released by Karl Lagerfeld in 2005. It helped to recharge the interest in the classic 2.55. These official Vogue ‘it-bags’, are one of the most covetable Chanel styles.

Chanel Classic Flap (The 11.12)

Chanel is a brand with a timeless reputation and the flap bags are definitely the most iconic. The classic flap was again a re-design by Karl Lagerfeld who aimed to emulate the classic style of the 2.55.

Chanel double flap
The Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Boy Bag

Celebrated for its androgynous style, the Boy bag captures the very essence of Coco Chanel’s legacy. It highlights her commitment to high fashion and comfort and how she was unafraid to challenge gender norms with her choice of fabrics and silhouettes. 

It’s another incredibly popular bag style created by Karl Lagerfeld. And because of its link to Chanel’s story, it’s another highly desirable bag.

Choose the bag you love

Ultimately if you’re investing but also want to use and enjoy the bag yourself, you should just pick the bag you love.

These higher-value, classic Chanel bags are less common in luxury designer reseller sites. For example, many of their collections will have a wide selection of pre-loved, small leather goods, like wallets or coin purses. So make sure you’re investing in Chanel handbags, not the smaller, and generally more affordable items.

Does the size, colour or leather matter?

When it comes to choosing the bag characteristics, it’s often best to stick to popular combinations. Black is always a classic Chanel colour choice. When choosing a Chanel leather type, opt for the durable Caviar leather or classic Lambskin.

Again with the sizing, it’s best to keep things as typical as possible. Medium-sized bags are generally the most sought-after.

A black lambskin Classic Chanel bag

Although, even if you purchased a Purple Maxi Classic Chanel bag in shiny calfskin, you will definitely find a buyer. However, you may have to wait slightly longer.

Ultimately it’s the bag’s condition that will play the biggest role in determining the resale value.

When should you sell your Chanel bag?

While investing in Chanel bags might not have the high rewards associated with investing in the stock market. It’s a risk-free way to invest your money, all while enjoying the designs of this fashion powerhouse.

Chanel increases the prices of their bags regularly — on occasion it’s happened 3 times a year. This means you really don’t have to wait long before you can make a return on your Chanel bag.

Generally, it’s best to wait a few years before deciding to sell. Of course, the earlier you buy and the longer you hold on to a bag the bigger your return will be.

Where should you sell your Chanel bag?

When you’re ready to sell your Chanel bag, you generally have two routes to follow.

Sell the bag yourself

The first option is to sell the bag yourself via a site like eBay. This method will likely have a higher return, however, it comes with additional work.

You will need to take your own clear, photographs, create a detailed description and spend time creating a listing and maintaining it. You’ll have to answer multiple queries about the authenticity of the bag from interested buyers and may have to deal with time wasters.


The alternative method is to choose a reputable luxury designer reseller who can sell the bag for you. It’s the easiest and most stress-free way of selling a luxury designer item.

They will take professional photographs of the bag, greatly helping its desirability. And they will also spend time writing a detailed description and managing all aspects of the sale. Before consigning, they will provide you with a resale value, and when the bag sells, you will be paid this exact amount.

It’s a service that we offer here at Timeless Vintage Co. If you’d like to find out more, you can view our valuation form or get in contact.

Sell or consign your luxury items with Timeless Vintage.

Featured image: Photo by Kin Shing Lai on Unsplash


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