Are you looking to buy a vintage Chanel bag? Highly coveted by fashionistas across the world, Chanel bags are in the wardrobes and want-lists of many. But just in case you needed any more reasons to invite a vintage Chanel bag into your wardrobe, discover all the benefits below…

1. It’s more sustainable

One of the best reasons to choose a vintage Chanel bag is that it’s more sustainable. The benefits of vintage high fashion include a more unique style and a quality guarantee. But it also reduces waste and allows each item to carry on a narrative as you invite it into your life.

Chanel Black Quilted Lambskin Classic Belt Bag
A pre-loved Chanel belt bag from Timeless Vintage

2. The fashion heritage

All luxury designer brands have shaped fashion in some form, but Coco Chanel had a particularly big influence on women’s fashion. Especially the evolution of the handbag. While Chanel didn’t view herself as a feminist, her stance on the role and independence of women promoted her to create fashion for a changing society.

She created the shoulder handbag. Freeing women from constantly clutching a bag on their arm, or in their hands. And she brought suits, trousers and comfortable attire to women who were often locked within a corset. Owning a vintage Chanel bag is like owning a small piece of this legacy.

3. It’s an excellent investment

Chanel is consistently rated as one of the top designer brands to invest in — especially the classic Flap Bag. The brand raises prices often, causing further urgency to those wishing to invest and add a bag to their collection.

A classic Chanel flap bag

4. The ‘built to last’ quality

Chanel uses the highest grades of materials within their bags. Chanel leather is particularly well known for its variety and endurance. The brand heritage also brings in the most highly skilled craftspeople the world has to offer. The older Chanel bags usually used 24k gold-plated hardware, adding even more to their perceived value.

Not to mention the vigorous quality controls that every item must pass. Even when buying a vintage Chanel handbag, you have the comfort of knowing exactly what went into producing it. And ultimately that it was made to last.

5. Chanel bags outlive passing trends

The heritage and impeccable design process that goes into every Chanel bag put them on another level compared to fast fashion brands following a fad. Many vintage Chanel bags completely transcend trends that usually pass within a season. If you choose a bag that matches your usual styling, you’ll have an investment piece that can work with endless outfits and upcoming seasons.

Chanel Matrasse Leather Chain Shoulder Bag. A classic vintage Chanel bag.
A classic Chanel flap bag from Timeless Vintage

6. A high resale value is a guarantee

Even if your style changes and you’d like to switch things up, your vintage Chanel bag will still have a high resale value in the secondhand fashion market.

Chanel Caviar Leather Vanity Bag
A pre-loved Chanel vanity case from Timeless Vintage

7. You’ll save some pennies

Chanel bags are famous for holding exceptionally high secondhand value. However, you could snap up a more recent, pre-loved model at a lower price point than buying it new in-store. If you’re unbothered by a few tiny internal marks, you may even find a pre-loved Chanel classic at a much lower cost.

Chanel Patent Leather Long Zippy Wallet
A vintage Chanel purse from Timeless Vintage

8. You might snap up a classic

Like many high fashion brands, Chanel’s product lines and collections are limited to increase exclusivity. When browsing for a vintage Chanel bag you could discover an extremely rare flap bag or exclusive edition.


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