How to Keep your Designer Handbag in Perfect Condition

Investing in a designer bag is an exciting time. Whether you’ve saved up for a secondhand Hermès bag, or you’re adding another Chanel style to your collection. It arrives and you’re thrilled! But then you wonder… “how can I maintain the condition and value of the bag whilst still getting lots of use out of it!”. Our top tips will help you to keep your designer handbag in perfect condition whilst in use.

As a secondhand luxury designer reseller, we’ve seen our fair share of designer bag mishaps here at Timeless Vintage. From excessive ink staining to deep scratches. Here are our tips on how to keep your designer handbag in perfect condition.

1. Invest in care products

Before you rush out to show off your new secondhand Prada bag or Louis Vuitton wallet, it’s really worth investing in leather care products. Just as we invest in self-care for ourselves, your handbag needs some maintenance too. Treat your bag to a leather conditioner or protection spray, to keep it supple. With consistent top-ups, it will pay off in the long term.

Leather close up | Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

2. Don’t hang it 

Try to avoid hanging your bag on hooks, handles or chairs, especially if it’s a heavy bag with heavy contents. It’s an important tip, and one of the main points included in our guide to storing your handbag. If your bag is left hanging it can add additional creases in the leather. Over time it can also loosen stitches, and even warp the leather so much that the bag loses shape, structure and style.

Hanging Gucci horse-bit bag | Photo by Lucas Hoang on Unsplash

3. Keep your bag out of sunlight

Like our skin, handbag materials can be damaged by sunlight. It can degrade the fabric quality and even discolour it over time. If you’re picnicking in the park or hanging by the pool, keep your handbag tucked away in the shade under a hat or towel.

Photo by S’well on Unsplash

4. Avoid overfilling 

Just as hanging a bag could alter a bag’s structure, overfilling your bag with heavy or bulky items can have the same effect too. Opt to carry a small reusable shopping bag inside if you often find that you need a little extra space.

Photo by Debora Cardenas on Unsplash

5. Watch out for scratches

Chunky jewellery, sharp surfaces and even manicured nails could be a scratch risk for soft lambskin leather on a secondhand Chanel flap bag or the Safiano leather on a Prada Promenade.

Lambskin leather on a secondhand Chanel flap bag

6. Water and leather shouldn’t mix

Keep an umbrella handy! If you’re heading to a theme park, wandering along a beach or heading anywhere where rain is scheduled (that’s an average of 133 days in the UK!) avoid getting your bag wet. If any spills or splashes occur, blot immediately with a soft, neutral cloth. And remember never to rush the drying process. Allow the bag to dry naturally away from sunlight, radiators or hair dryers.

Photo by Jason Rost on Unsplash

7. Take care with what you place inside

It only takes one leaky pen, reusable coffee cup spillage or makeup explosion to damage and devalue your designer handbag. If you’re hoping to one day sell your Louis Vuitton Speedy or Chanel Boy bag, its secondhand valuation will be affected by ink spills and musty smells from a spilt coffee.

8. A little TLC never hurts

Create a TLC ritual for your handbag every week or even after every use. Wipe the surface, handles and clasps with a soft cloth. And if you use a bag every day, take time one evening or at the weekend to remove its contents. Pad it out with acid-free tissue paper and leave it to air in a cool shady spot inside.

If your bag is going into storage for an extended period of time, check out our guide to storing your designer handbag too.

Photo by LEISARÀ Creative Studio on Unsplash

Featured Image: Photo by Dmitriy Frantsev on Unsplash


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