A Guide to Hermès Leather Types

Every luxury designer brand has a world-renowned repertoire of high-quality materials. Chanel is known for its Caviar leather, and Louis Vuitton for its iconic Monogram Empreinte leather. Hermès also has its own collection of iconic leathers that have become as illustrious as the handbags they create.

Each Hermès leather type has varying amounts of durability, and worth, so take a look through our list to discover some of Hermès top leather types and their characteristics.

Box Calf

Created in 1890, Box Calf is Hermès oldest leather. It’s known for its rigid form and extremely delicate ‘cracking’ appearance. As a Hermès Box Calf bag ages, it will begin to develop a soft sheen that is also known as a patina. One of the drawbacks, however, is that Box Calf scratches easily. These can be buffed out by a professional repair service but at an additional cost.


One of Hermès most popular leather types, Togo appeared in Hermès collections in 1997. Togo leather has a natural, textured grain and a softer form than the more rigid Box Calf leather.

Hermès Kelly handbag with Togo leather


With its soft, delicate grain, Swift leather is often used on smaller accessories, like wallets and card holders. The grain is so fine that from a distance the leather has a very smooth and supple look. Again, like the Box Calf, Swift leather can be easily scratched.

Hermes Pochette Elan 29 in Swift Leather


Known for its durability and colour vibrancy, Hermès Epsom leather is often a favourite choice. It is more weather resistant and durable because of its printed grain which helps to seal the leather.


Introduced to the collection in 1992, Clémence leather has similar qualities to Togo. It also has a textured grain, however, it’s slightly wider and it lacks the natural veining found on Togo. Both leather types are very popular, and many people may not notice the difference at first.

Hermes Lindy 30 Bag in Clemence Leather

Veau Doblis

The Veau Doblis is a suede leather that Hermés no longer use. Like most suede products, it can be easily marked, especially by water or any form of product or food spillage. Because it isn’t currently used by Hermés anymore, Veau Doblis bag prices have remained high on the secondhand market.


Often known as ‘Chèrve’ which is the French word for ‘goat’, this leather is created with goatskin. It’s known for its durability and unique texture. Hermès often uses a Chèvre leather within the lining of some bags.

Evercolor and Evergrain

Two similar calfskin leather types that both have a supple, satin-like appearance. Evercolor leather, which appeared in 2012, has a more prominent grain compared to Evergrain which appeared in 2004.

Hermes Kelly Verso 28 Handbag in Evercolour Leather


One of the most recent Hermès leather types, Allegro is a soft calfskin leather with a very soft feel, yet a firm hand. It has a slight sheen and will develop a deeper lustre on bag handles or areas where it is handled often.

Exotic Leathers 

Like many other high-fashion brands, Hermès also uses a range of exotic animal skins and hides, like ostrich, alligator and lizard. Handbags, shoes and accessories made from these skins are usually available in very limited collections. And the price tag? As steep as you’d imagine.

Hermès Birkin 35 Handbag in Exotic Crocodile Skin Leather

Does Hermès use vegan leather?

Hermès is not a vegan brand and their handbags, small accessories, shoes etc. are created with leather. However, Hermès has recently debuted a new vegan handbag that’s created with leather made from mushrooms.

We realise that sustainability is at the forefront of many people’s minds, and it’s changing the way we shop. So, if you’re looking to enjoy high-fashion in a more eco-friendly and sustainable way, browse through our collection of second Hermès handbags. Pre-loved handbags allow us to enjoy the acclaimed quality of a luxury brand like Hermès — not only at a more affordable price point — but also in a more eco-conscious way.


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