Our Favourite Designer Handbags for Winter 2021

We’re completely obsessed with designer handbags here at Timeless Vintage ~ naturally ~ and as each new season appears we lust over a new selection of favourite designer handbags that enter our collection.

We are always immersed in the World of fashion, studying trend forecasts, and analysing the iconic history of some of the worlds top fashion powerhouses, so our favourites change throughout the year, as we match colours and styles to suit the seasons. Whilst they may be our current favourites… these designer handbags truly do stand the test of time, and some have been iconic for decades.

Whether you’re looking for a new designer handbag this winter or searching for eco-conscious gifts for a loved one, discover the current list of our favourite designer handbags!

The Chanel Flap Bag

We’re starting things off with a handbag classic that graces many favourite designer handbags lists — The Chanel Flap Bag.

It was created by Coco Chanel herself and was originally known as the 2.55. Though it was later reimagined by Karl Lagerfeld and reinvented as the 11.12 flap bag. Both bags have very similar features, and both are hugely covetable.

It’s a bag that is well-loved simply for its elegant practicality. The iconic quilted leather and interlocking gold CC clasp are subtle but incredibly glamorous, and the bag remains on the favourite designer handbag lists of fashion connoisseurs and influencers alike. Chanel is also known for consistently raising its prices, making vintage Chanel Flap Bags ever more valuable.

A striking bright red Chanel Flap Bag

The Prada Galleria Bag

Prada is well known for its sleek and glamorous designs, and the Galleria Bag wraps up each of these characteristics perfectly. 

This particularly luxe bag has been crafted with soft Saffiano leather in a gorgeous soft beige, with delicate gold hardware and a lining that shimmers with metallic thread. It’s a beautiful bag that we simply can’t take our eyes off!

The Prada Galleria Bag | Elegant and one of our favourite designer handbags

A Louis Vuitton Luggage Trunk

Louis Vuitton is an iconic fashion powerhouse, and the products that propelled them into the high fashion spotlight were their elegant and incredibly well-crafted luggage cases and trunks.

Own a piece of fashion history and travel in incredible style this winter with your own Louis Vuitton Luggage Trunk, now available online.

A Louis Vuitton luggage trunk | One of our most classic, favourite designer bags

The Hermés Kelly

One of the most covetable and highly desired ‘It’ bags of all time, the Kelly is a rare find. It’s a favourite designer handbag of many fashion connoisseurs and is a bag that has seen one of the largest designer bag valuation increases ever, considering that it was first produced in 1935.

We’re lusting over this navy blue individual, with its deep stormy hue it contrasts beautifully with the delicate gold hardware. The Kelly is an incredibly chic designer handbag that’s sure to turn heads this season.

The Hermés Kelly Bag

A Fendi Monogram Mini Handbag

Mini bags are having a moment this winter, and we’re completely head over heels in love with the sweet and simple metallic print of these Fendi mini bags.

Large enough for all the essentials and emblazoned with that iconic double FF Fendi logo — it’s a perfect bag for wandering through Christmas markets and reflecting the twinkling lights of the season.

The Fendi Monogram Minibag

The Gucci Monogram Boat Bag

With the House of Gucci film hitting screens across the World, and an ever-rising stock value, a Gucci bag is a must-have item this season. 

The Gucci Boat Bag features the subtle but iconic GG print and is available in a bold and fiery red, ocean navy blue or iconic beige, it’s a perfect size for holding party essentials without weighing you down!

We recently wrote a blog post all about the fiery history of Gucci which you can read here.

The Gucci Monogram Boat Bag

Which handbags are on your mind this winter? Are any of our favourite designer handbags at the top of your list too?


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