8 Chic Christmas Gift Ideas for an Eco-Warrior

Tis’ the season of frosty mornings, twinkling lights and gift-giving. As we roll into November, Christmas gift buying intensifies as we begin to comb through shops, online or on the high street, hoping to find a perfect gift. This year however, will hit a little differently…

With large events like COP26 capturing our attention, and the ever increasing awareness of climate change and the need to act, we’re all becoming more conscious of the effects our buying habits have on the planet.

To help your Christmas gift search, we’ve created a list of chic Christmas gift ideas for the eco-friendly and sustainably conscious individual. Whether you’re looking to only buy sustainable gifts this year to keep your carbon footprint down, or you’re gift buying for a friend who’s a real eco-warrior.

With a mixture of price points to suit every budget, discover a selection of chic Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for the eco-conscious individual.

1. A Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Subscription Box

Sign your friend or loved one up to a gift that keeps on giving with a sustainable subscription box. Brands like Leo’s Box and Authentic House each contain a mix of sustainable, vegan or organic products.

The Natural Wellness box has a great selection of wellness themed boxes, each parcelled up with items like soothing bath salts or nutritious treats.

2. A Pre-Loved Designer Handbag

Avoid the swathes of fast fashion gift buying and gift them with something truly classic. Luxe brands like Chanel, Prada and Hermés have a wide ranging collection of highly desirable bags that are loved by fashion connoisseurs around the world.

Why buy pre-loved you ask? Well it’s an extremely eco-conscious way to revitalise your wardrobe with a much smaller carbon footprint than by buying something brand new.

chic christmas gift ideas for eco-warriors
Iconic pre-loved designer handbags from Timeless Vintage Co.

3. A Natural Blanket or Throw

With many chilly winter nights ahead, a cosy blanket is always a safe bet. Brands like The Tartan Blanket Co, or The Future Kept, each have a beautiful selection of throws and blankets created using natural or recycled materials.

4. A Sustainable Experience

For a friend who likes to get up close and personal with nature, consider a unique nature experience like beekeeping, or a foraging tour where you get to create your own natural skincare from wildflower essential oils.

Essential Oil | Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

5. A Pre-Loved High Fashion Accessories

Second-hand never has to mean second best. A huge number of fashion influencers and celebrities are beginning to support second-hand and vintage brands as they seek more sustainable fashion. Treat a friend to a pair of Chanel sunglasses, or a sleek Louis Vuitton wallet in immaculate second-hand condition to bring a little bit of luxe to their day.

6. A Sustainable Skill Kit

The winter months are a perfect time to learn a new skill. Brands like Wool and the Gang and We Are Knitters have an incredible range of knitting and crocheting projects — and Etsy is full to the brim with chic DIY embroidery hoops and kits — whether you’re looking for something cute, or maybe something a little bit fun…

Know a knitting fan? | Photo by rocknwool on Unsplash

7. Every Day Eco Alternatives

There is now an amazing selection of eco products available that can replace items we use in our everyday life. Natural sponges, solid soap bars, chic reusable water bottles, organic cotton cloths, a recycled plastic comb and of course the trusty bamboo toothbrush or straw! You could even create your own eco hamper full of natural and sustainable products.

Chic Christmas gift ideas | Sustainable products | Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash

8. Organic and Sustainable Beauty Products

Burts bees, Aesop and Skin Alchemists are just a handful of incredible beauty brands that are providing highly nourishing and effective skincare products that also take care of the planet too.

Featured image | Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash


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