A Step By Step Guide to Selling Your Luxury Designer Handbag

Looking to sell your luxury designer handbag? Whether you’re hoping to give your wardrobe a minimalist overhaul or save up for a new handbag, check out our step-by-step guide on selling your luxury designer bag swiftly, safely, and for its maximum value.

1. Browse Your Closet and Choose Which Bags to say Goodbye to

Moving on is hard! Take time to evaluate how a bag fits your current style.

There’s nothing worse than selling a bag only to regret it later. Consider some of the following points before you commit to selling your luxury designer handbag.

  • Has your style evolved?
  • When did you last use the bag?
  • Are you likely to use it again within the next few months?

Sometimes luxury designer handbags can hold huge sentimental value, so make sure you’re ready to move on!

Choosing which handbags to sell | Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

2. Compare Other Bags on the Market

Find others who are selling the bag to understand its market value.

Hop on to marketplace sites like eBay to help you determine how much to expect for your bag. Make sure it’s the exact same colour and model, as these details can affect the value. Also, check to see if the listing includes the original packaging or dust bag, etc. as this can increase your own valuation.

Understand which features are used to determine the authenticity of the bag too. From stitching and serial numbers to hardware and heat stamps as you will need to reference these in your descriptions and photos.

Prada Hardware | Photo by Benjamin Williams on Unsplash

3. Evaluate the Condition of Your Bag

Any wear and tear? Or is it as pristine as the day you bought it!

After analysing the market value of your bag, you need to determine how your bag might be graded. This will help you to understand the valuation of your bag when you receive a quote or when you price the item. Look at the condition of the pockets, corners, clasps, and every other detail to look for signs of wear and tear.

‘Like New’, ‘Light Use’, ‘Very Good Interior’. These are all terms used by handbag resellers, and our team here at Timeless Vintage, to allow customers to understand the condition of their pre-loved handbag.

Check the corners, pockets and every stitch when selling your luxury designer handbag
Check the interior and exterior for wear and tear when selling your luxury designer handbag. | Photo by Jess @ Harper Sunday on Unsplash

4. Should I Sell My Bag Independently?

Do you have the time to spare?

In-between taking high-quality photos and answering endless questions from prospective buyers — who are understandably trying to determine if the item is authentic and if you’re a reliable seller! – selling a bag can be a time-consuming and stressful process.

As an independent seller on a site like eBay, you’re at risk of coming across fraudulent buyers. In some instances, sellers have dispatched an item only to have a buyer falsely claim that the bag isn’t authentic, sending you down a stressful dispute pathway with Paypal. You also may spend a lot of time answering questions from buyers, only for them to ghost you and never reply.

Your time is just as valuable as the luxury bag you’re selling. So for peace of mind, you can sell or consign your bag directly to an official handbag reseller. This is a service that we offer here at Timeless Vintage Co. Simply fill out our online valuation form, receive a quote, then discuss your options with a member of our friendly team.

5. Should I Sell or Consign?

What are the pro’s of selling vs consigning your luxury bag?

Selling your luxury designer bag.

If you’re looking for a quick sale, you may decide to sell the bag directly to a handbag reseller. At Timeless Vintage, after valuing your bag, we will send you a quotation, and when you’re ready to proceed, we’ll help you arrange for the bag to be sent to us. After receipt of the bag, we’ll send you the money immediately.

Consigning your luxury designer bag

If you’re in no rush to sell, consigning may be a suitable option for you. Here at Timeless Vintage, we will send you a market valuation of your bag, and if you’re happy, we’ll list it for sale right here on our website. When the bag sells, you will receive the sale profits, after our seller fee has been omitted.

Louis Vuitton Handbag | Photo by Kyle Bushnell on Unsplash

Are you looking to sell your luxury designer handbag? Check out our online valuation form to receive a free quote. There’s no obligation to sell, just fill in the form with as much information as you can, receive a valuation and choose if you’d like to consign or sell.


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