5 Top Italian Fashion Brands to Invest In

Famed for a commitment to impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design — Italy has been at the forefront of the world’s luxury fashion scene for well over a century.

Influenced by a prominent history of art and innovation, and beautifully diverse landscapes, from towering mountains, idyllic lakes and glowing seaside villages — Italian fashion has always been infused with incredible passion, energy and the notion of appreciating the finer things in life.

Discover 5 of the most loved, well-known, and ultimately, most prestigious, Italian fashion brands in the World.

Top Italian Fashion Brand Prada. Gold plated logo outside Prada boutique.
Top Italian Fashion Brand Prada | Gold Signage | Photo by Ryan Gardner on Unsplash


Founded: In 1913, Milan, Italy by Mario Prada.

Milan is synonymous with luxury fashion. It leads the way as one of the world’s most prestigious fashion shows, rivaling only New York, London and Paris. Prada is arguably the most prominent fashion house to have emerged from this fashion-forward city.

Prada came to prominence as a luxury leather goods brand created by Mario Prada. As the decades passed, the reigns were handed down to Miuccia Prada, the youngest granddaughter of Mario. She had the excellent ability of fashion foresight and has managed to continually steer the brand down the path of success.

With the brand’s rich heritage and ability to consistently capture the cultural zeitgeist, collection after collection, Prada has remained one of the most prominent fashion brands in the world.

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Fendi logo against white marble.
The Fendi Logo | Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash


Founded: In 1925, Rome, Italy by Adele Fendi (neé Casagrande).

From humble beginnings as a small leather goods shop, situated on a bustling street in Rome, to a global fashion powerhouse. Fendi has continually ascended ever further with the direction of Karl Lagerfeld, who joined as Creative Director in 1965.  Fendi has since held a number of notable fashion shows, including their 90th-anniversary celebration at Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

Fontana di Trevi, The location of the Fendi 90th anniversary show | Photo by Michele Bitetto on Unsplash

Iconic items from the Fendi brand include the highly covetable ‘Baguette Bag’ (a Vogue ‘It’ bag), the petite bucket bag known as ‘Mon Tresor’ and the recognisable double FF logo created by Karl Lagerfeld.

Fendi was predominately known for its use of Fur — which even inspired the ‘Fun Fur’ double FF logo — however as the public conscience shifted, Fendi has scaled back the use of fur in favour of cruelty-free fabrics.

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Luxe watches from top Italian fashion brand Armani | Photo by Faizi Ali from Pexels


Founded: In 1975, Milan, Italy by Giorgio Armani.

Another incredibly popular Milanese label, Armani has solidified its status as one of the most loved Italian fashion powerhouses of all time. Giorgio is noted for his attention to detail and how he strives for perfection in each of his designs.

The brand creates selections of ready-to-wear pieces and haute couture collections, as well as a popular selection of watches, fragrance and beauty products. Armani has also established notoriety as a luxury designer of menswear, with Armani being a frequent choice for men looking for luxe suits.

Top Italian Fashion Brand Versace | Photo by omid mostafavi from Pexels


Founded: In 1978, Milan, Italy by Gianni Versace.

A relatively new brand to the prestigious Italian fashion scene, compared to the heritage of Prada and Fendi — Versace has claimed a niché as a luxury fashion house that is turned to for ultimate glamour and a wild mix of sensuality and sophistication. It became linked to the world of Rock and Roll as they dressed cultural superstars, from Michael Jackson to Elton John.

After the sudden death of Gianni in 1997, the reigns of this luxurious fashion powerhouse fell to his sister, Donnatella Versace. She continues the iconic luxuriousness that the brand is famed for, with unique colour clashes and an intoxicating mix of prints, materials and silhouettes.

A Gucci Boutique Entrance | Photo by Julien Tondu on Unsplash


Founded: In 1921, Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci.

The Gucci brand was founded in the beautiful city of Florence, often known as the capital of Tuscany. Florence is filled with some of the most notable renaissance art and remarkable architecture in the World, and it’s surrounded by rolling terrain coated in vineyards and olive groves, making it an idyllic location to spark inspiration.

Gucci is famed for its commitment to craftsmanship, and a heritage that spans decades. However a number of iconic designs have cemented themselves firmly as classic fashion hallmarks. Their iconic use of bamboo as handbag handles, the instantly recognisable GG logo that adorns belts and fabrics, and the subtle horse-bit hardware, that hints at the brand’s past within the equestrian market.

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