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Getting ready to store your designer handbag? Storing a designer bag correctly is essential in helping to keep it in its best possible condition. With their incredible craftsmanship, designer handbags are made to last. But knowing how to store them correctly helps to keep them looking immaculate for decades to come.

Your luxury designer handbag could be at risk of permanent damage if not stored correctly, from discolouration to creasing. Read on to discover our top tips on how to store a luxury designer handbag.

How to Store Your Designer Handbag
Louis Vuitton Storage Box | Photo by Kyre Song on Unsplash

1. Handle With Care

Always make sure to treat your luxury designer bag with respect. Don’t try and squash the bag into a small space, or throw it into the back of a wardrobe. Bag edges and corners are susceptible to scuffs, and soft leathers can easily crease. So to keep the bag in its best possible condition, give it the VIP treatment compared to your other accessories or bags!

2. Does It Need To Be Cleaned?

Before you store your designer handbag, check the interior and exterior of the bag for any impurities which could be wiped away. Ensuring the bag is pristine before storage ensures that any marks will not further deteriorate the bag.

Also make sure to remove all items from inside. Pens, small makeup items, or even snacks! Make sure everything is removed to prevent leakage and stop moisture from collecting inside the bag.

How to Store Your Designer Handbag
Remove loose items like makeup or perfume | Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

3. Make Sure the Bag is Completely Dry

Ensure the bag is completely dry before storing. Whether you were caught in a rain shower or had to use anti-bacterial wipes (alcohol and fragrance-free) for a small spot clean. Make sure the bag is air dried naturally, away from radiators, sunlight or other heat sources, before storing. This completely removes the risk of damp smells or even mould forming when the bag is stored for a long period.

4. Keep it Stuffed

Using a soft filling, gently pack the inside of the handbag before fastening it closed. This helps to maintain the structure of the handbag and prevents it from collapsing or folding inward and creating permanent creases or structural damage. Take care not to overstuff the bag, as this can put unnecessary strain on the bag material. The best stuffing materials to use are bubble wrap, air pockets and white (non-perfumed) tissue paper. Try and reuse bubble wrap and air pockets, instead of buying them new.

Bubble Wrap - Packaging and labeling - How to Store Your Designer Handbag
Try and use tissue paper, or reuse old bubble wrap | Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

5. Cover It

If you have an original box or dust bag, place the handbag back inside these before storing it. Alternatively, you can store your designer handbag within a generic, neutral (white or cream) dust bag or even wrap it within cotton fabric, like a pillowcase. Covering the bag reduces its exposure to dust and light which can cause discolouration.

Ensure straps and handles (particularly chains) are not tightly tucked against the exterior of the bag, as it could cause imprints. It is best to wrap any loose hardware and chain detailing with tissue paper, to prevent this.

Handbag - Luxury goods - How to Store Your Designer Handbag
Make sure to wrap chain straps with tissue paper | Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

6. Choosing The Right Storage Space

When the bag is pristine, dry, stuffed and covered, it’s time to place it somewhere safe. It’s important to choose a shelf with ample space as the bag should not be squashed into place. Also make sure to never hang the bag by its straps or handles, as this could deform the structure. Larger handbags should be kept upright, however purses and clutch bags can be laid flat.

It’s generally best to avoid open shelving, to further remove the risk of light or sun damage. Instead opt for a cool, dark environment within a wardrobe or closet. Its also important to note that if you live in a particularly humid climate, make time to occasionally air your designer handbags within an air-conditioned room away from sunlight. Particularly if they haven’t been used for several months. This reduces the risk of the humidity creating moisture inside the bag which could cause mould growth.

If you have a collection of bags, particularly from the same fashion house, consider labelling them. This ensures minimal handling and keeps your space organised.

Closet - Wardrobe - How to Store Your Designer Handbag
Choosing How to Store Your Luxury Designer Handbag | Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Choosing to safely store your designer handbag ensures its longevity and future value. As well as keeping it in an amazing condition for whoever may use the bag next. Whether you switch up your style and swap the bag for something new, or you pass it down to loved ones. It also upholds the idea of sustainable fashion. By treating possessions with respect and care, we prolong their life and limit the likelihood of needing to replace them.


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