We all have heard the terms sustainable and eco-friendly, but how do we apply that to the clothes we decide to buy. With fast fashion being more popular than ever due to online shopping, the fashion industry is becoming one of the biggest contributors to global waste.

So how can you help?
A key way to make your wardrobe more planet friendly is to buy items you will get plenty of wear out of, instead of many items that you wear once to then throw away in a few years once the trend has well and truly gone. You can also donate your clothes to charities or sell on to someone else, which is where you can find amazing pre-loved pieces, just like here at Timeless Vintage.

As we stock pre-loved luxury pieces here at Timeless Vintage, we love that we are part of the sustainable fashion movement. By deciding to invest in a pre-loved luxury item with us you are still guaranteed to receive the absolute best quality and service, whilst not only finding some hidden treasures that are no longer available in current collections, but you are also being part of the sustainable fashion movement.
All the brands that we are proud to stock, design their items with longevity in mind, staple wardrobe pieces that can be passed down through generations as they are made from quality materials that will last. We understand the budget for designer products can be difficult to attain so we do our best to offer these amazing pieces at much more affordable costs than they originally retailed for; and for many of the brands, their handbags are now seen as investments as their value actually increases every year.

 Three Tips to Help Sustainable Fashion:

  1. Identify your style and have staples in your wardrobe that you will get plenty of wear out of.
  2. Buy vintage or pre-loved clothing, there are so many incredible items available that still have plenty of life left in them.
  3. Invest in those key pieces; once you know your style, purchasing items that you will consistently wear can be seen as an investment. Look into the quality and care that goes into each piece, this will make a big difference in how the items will age.

Here at Timeless Vintage, we understand that many of you will what to keep up with the latest trends and therefore not want to consistently buy high end versions of those trends to then not wear again; however, trends always come back round which means often you can find a pre-loved piece that works perfectly.
For any questions or advice on any of our pieces in stock, our team of experts are available to help you decide the best choice for you and how the process works. We guarantee the best quality and know that every item we sell has a story behind it but also plenty of future too.

Support the sustainable fashion movement and choose preloved!

Remember, with Timeless Vintage, you are guaranteed to get the best, designer vintage items that money can buy.

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