From neon to pastels, wearing colour can sometimes feel a little overwhelming and putting together a look without it feeling too much can sometimes seem impossible. Whether you like to stand out or would rather choose a more subtle style, we have put together a few ways you can add a pop of colour to your wardrobe.

  Firstly, lets start small; accessories are the quickest and easiest way to add colour to your wardrobe and also makes it very easy to interchange. Picking a mainly neutral outfit will give you a good base to layer colour on top of and may make you feel more comfortable if you don’t often wear brighter shades.

Handbags are the most popular go-to item when adding a splash of colour and can really add a point of interest to your look. If you often wear warmer tones such as chocolate, camel and nude then adding oranges and greens can be very flattering to that palette and will also go with your everyday style without feeling like too much of a contrast. If you prefer the other end of the scale and lean more towards black, white, and grey then blue and purple tones will be complimentary. For those who are feeling more confident, a hot pink or sunshine filled yellow in a beautiful handbag is a classy way to incorporate those brighter colours.

If you are thinking of purchasing a colourful handbag we recommend picking a shade you are drawn to and makes you happy, don’t base it off what is currently on trend as you may pick something you don’t particularly like just to fit current fashion, choose sustainable style that you will want to wear as much as possible.

Next in accessories are of course, shoes, because no amount is ever enough!
Of course, black will always be useful to have but choosing a contrasting tone is a really fun way to add difference to your outfit and with endless patterns, styles and shapes, the possibilities are endless. Whether you are stiletto obsessed or prefer the comfort of a chunky trainer, using shoes as a way to add colour is super easy.

Top Tip:
If you are feeling particularly creative why not pair a bright matching bag and shoes to a plain outfit and use your accessories to bring everything together. This will keep the contrast consistent and give a more put together look without having to spend an afternoon planning it.

Next, we have colour for the confident, for those enjoy eye catching looks and embracing the bold side. Why not put a full head to toe outfit together and use contrasting shades to highlight each piece?
For example a navy dress can be complimented by lighter shades of blue used in the accessories or even green tones will work, however, if you want to create a statement pick an oppositional colour such as orange and have all eyes set on you and your creativity. We also love the pairing of pastel shades, such as pinks, lilac, mint and yellows, these are easy to mix without looking too bold and can suit any clothing style.


If you are looking to add something new to your wardrobe, and a different colour is your inspiration, we have added a couple of our favourites below that we believe are beautiful examples of how to add a new shade to your collection.



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