Ready to pack your bags and escape for a summer adventure?

Now imagine packing your clothes into a luxury piece of luggage that is handcrafted just for you. Whether you want a suitcase that matches your handbag or simply just a beautiful duffle bag that can accompany you onto a plane, at Timeless Vintage we have put together a few tips on the best luggage pieces and what essentials you may need for travel.

Let’s start off simple; we all know the last-minute panic of not being able to find our passports that we left in that really safe place that now even we can’t remember, and then when they are found having to open all of them up before finding the one you actually need. Sound familiar?
Why not make you passport stand out by purchasing a passport holder; these are usually a very inexpensive way of adding luxury labels to your luggage. Many brands have created organisers or document holders as part of their luggage collections for you to be able to have matching sets.

Now for the carry-on luggage must haves.

A great investment piece for your wardrobe is a piece of luggage that can work as a weekend away bag and a carry on for a plane. This versatile size of bag will be one that is reached for often and picking a durable design will be a worthwhile purchase.

Depending on your style preference there are a few types of bags that will work well. A simple backpack is always a reliable and comfortable pick; with their main design being around the practicality of its use, they are often an easy choice when travelling. Brands like Louis Vuitton have a wide range of backpack styles and with most of their prints being made in neutral tones they are easy to pair with anyone’s wardrobe. Next would be the small suitcase, slightly less practical than a backpack but will hold more items so depending on your more frequent travel needs, a design with bigger space could be the best choice for you.

Our pick is the Dior Large Duffle Bag; a mix of couture and practicality, this beautiful bag is ideal for those overnight trips or flight essentials. The black-on-black monogram print is a special detail that adds to the look and is accompanied by gold hardware, a combination that will never go out of style.
The duffle bag itself is the in-between style of a backpack and small suitcase, with it often housing more interior space than the backpack but still more easy to transport than a suitcase, the duffle bag is the middle ground that could be the perfect answer to your luggage needs.

Lastly, we have of course the suitcase; the first thought that comes to anyone’s mind when the word luggage is used. Now suitcases come in as many sizes as you can think of so that really is down to personal use and preference. If you are looking at eventually owning a full matching range then it is worth looking into designers that have luggage as a core collection like Louis Vuitton, so you are able to add to your pieces overtime without worrying about limited edition designs.

Our passion for luxury fashion here at Timeless Vintage, means our team of experts thoroughly check every item that we sell so we know you are buying the absolute best quality pre-loved pieces. As luggage designs are usually created with longevity in mind, buying pre-loved means you will not lose out on quality and can start building your collection on a much more affordable budget.
If you are thinking of choosing a new piece of luggage to enjoy your first time travelling as the world opens up, feel free to chat to one of our advisors about the items we have currently available.

Remember, with Timeless Vintage, you are guaranteed to get the best, designer vintage items that money can buy.

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