Louis Vuitton.
The heritage brand that began in 1854, has become one of the most sought-after luxury fashion designers in the world, with its monogram print being globally recognized, many hope to hold even a small piece of Vuitton in their wardrobe.

At just 16, a young Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris; he soon became an apprentice at Monsieur Maréchal as a trunk maker. Trunks at this time were increasingly popular and meant Vuitton soon mastered his craft, he remained a dedicated employee with the Monsieur Maréchal company for 17 years before deciding to move onto his own dream.

In 1854 the brand of Louis Vuitton was born, opening his first shop in Paris, Vuitton began creating his own designs. His innovations meant he chose to use canvas instead of leather for his pieces thereby making them waterproof and far more durable. He then launched the first rectangular trunks which helped push his popularity as they were able to be stacked on top of each other compared to the common rounded topped cases that were the norm at the time. By 1859, Vuitton’s designs had become so admired that he was able to expand into a second, larger workshop.

After the Franco-Prussian War from 1870-1872 Vuitton’s business was left destroyed, however after re-establishing in central Paris, the brand took off better than ever and the demand of his designs remained to consistently grow.
Another major setback Vuitton suffered was the plagiarism of his designs, from changing the colour palette of the trunks to adding a trademarked logo; the designer was desperate to leave his mark, however it wouldn’t be until his son George took over the business that his legacy would be immortalised in the form of the monogram.


After his father’s passing in 1892, George Vuitton was at the forefront of the brands international success. Although his father had opened their first oversees store in London, England, George ventured around the US to sell the incredible designs.
George Vuitton’s biggest contribution to the brands empire must be the infamous monogram print that is still so iconic to this day, he trademarked the print in 1896, finally achieving a design that would be recognizable to their name.

By 1914 George had opened the ‘Louis Vuitton Building’ situated on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, which was soon to become the largest travel-goods store in the world. Throughout his time running the Vuitton brand, George’s contributions were pivotal in progressing the companies place in the fashion world.

Jumping into the 1900’s, after George Vuitton passed away, his only son, Gaston, took over the family business. Gaston’s vision was to expand the variation of bag designs, away from trunks and cases, he wanted to create bags for everyday use as well as for travel. During his time running the Vuitton empire, Gaston introduced the Keepall, Speedy, NoeAlma, and Papillon, all bags that have remained key parts of the brands core collections today.

In 1970, after Gaston’s passing, the business was taken over by his son-in-law Henry Racamier. Understanding the brand’s ability to withstand the test of time, Henry pushed the company to open stores internationally, and by 1987 had joined forces with Moet & Chandon and Hennessy to form the business conglomerate of luxury goods, LVMH.

1997, enter the first creative director of the Louis Vuitton empire; Marc Jacobs. Racamier decided to appoint American designer Marc Jacobs as creative director in order to bring the Vuitton brand into the clothing world. His role was to design ready-to-wear collections for both men and women, which he was quick to achieve after releasing his first collection after only one year. Jacobs brought much success during his 16 years with the company and expanded their catalogue massively.

Today Jacobs’ role has been taken over by 3 separate designers, split into menswear, womenswear and luxury leather goods.
Louis Vuitton has remained the innovative leader of the fashion world, consistently setting trends and being the forward thinkers that still are determined to test the boundaries and create something you have never seen before.


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