The evolution of couture fashion over the past century has seen its increase in sales and rise in demand, consistently year after year. Top power houses such as Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton are often on the most wanted list, but which bags are actually worth the investment for years to come?

Let’s start off with the infamous bag that it seems nobody can get hold of, with its investment value being higher than gold and a waitlist of up to 6 years, it had to be our first pick! 

The Hermes Birkin 25. With a humble start, the bag designed by Jean-Louis Domas was inspired by a simple straw tote. Domas wanted to create a bag that was spacious and practical for the jet-setting woman. The bag needed to be large enough to fit all her essentials that she may need on a flight, but also be able to close to avoid spilling the contents all over the floor.

The Birkin 25 is now seen as one of the safest investments to make, and that’s not only in the fashion world. The value of the bag has increased steadily every year, from the initial launch in 1984, when the bag cost $2000, to today where the style can cost anything from $15,000 to millions. So, if you ever manage to get hold of one of these illusive bags, you will have made a sound investment that can be handed down through generations.

 It wouldn’t be a post about investment handbags if we didn’t mention Chanel. Basically, every bag that becomes part of a Chanel collection, becomes coveted by fashion lovers. Today, however we are here to talk about the iconic 2.55 handbag, a piece of history in itself.


To read about the full history of this timeless piece, we have linked our previous blog post here so you can take a dive into the evolution of a piece of fashion that is recognized worldwide.

If you are looking to make an investment in a couture fashion piece, the Chanel 2.55 is one we would highly recommend. Since its launch in 1955 this quilted piece of luxury has never needed to change, meaning it is a style that will last over the years and you can get your monies worth out of wearing it; or of course you can keep it in perfect condition, ready to sell on to someone else one day.

This is also the best reason to purchase a pre-loved piece, when checked over by an expert team like ours, you will be getting the same coveted bag but with a much lower price tag.

Lastly, we have Louis Vuitton. However, we have not chosen a specific bag but a print that is iconic to the Vuitton brand.

The monogram print from Louis Vuitton is widely recognized and is used on many of their styles of bag; from purses to luggage, you can build a full collection of your own. This neutral toned print was first designed in 1896 by Vuitton to stop others copying his designs.

With the starting price being far more affordable compared to our two previously mentioned designs, a Louis Vuitton Monogram bag would be a great first addition to your designer wardrobe. Due to the bags constant increase in price annually, the earlier you buy one, the better investment you will make.

Here at Timeless Vintage, we believe designer items are not only investments for the future but a piece of history for you to enjoy in the present. We take our time looking over every piece in our collection so you can be assured you will receive the absolute best quality and care.

Remember, with Timeless Vintage, you are guaranteed to get the best, designer vintage items that money can buy.

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