Chanel. A brand that survived two World Wars and has become one of the worlds most iconic brands. Created in 1910, by Gabrielle Chanel, the now powerhouse, was simply started off with a hat shop in the middle of Paris and a powerful woman with a vision to change women’s fashion.

The brands famous history with old Hollywood glamour pushed its success into expanding the range of designs Chanel could offer in its stores; and whilst during WW2 the company had to close much of its business, by the 1950’s a blonde bombshell that had taken over the big screen was happy to admit her love for the coveted No.5 fragrance, making it a household name.

The bestselling fragrance created in 1921 will celebrate its 100th birthday this year.

“What do you wear to bed?”
 “Why, Chanel No.5 of course”

– Marilyn Monroe

With its range of products being repeatedly worn by Icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Jackie Kennedy, Chanel became the brand to aspire to. The 50’s became the decade of the comeback, surviving the harsh economic backlash of the war; Mademoiselle Chanel focused on releasing wardrobe staples, starting with the 2.55 handbag; named after the date of its creation, this leather quilted bag with gold chain accents is still today one of the most coveted luxury pieces of fashion.

The 2.55 handbag was closely followed by the two-piece tweed suit and two-toned shoes, all of which are still iconic to the Chanel brand now. Chanel focused on a woman’s needs and gave practicality to timeless fashion. The designs at the time, although controversial, still enticed customers to try a new sense of luxury, that quickly became the perfect solution to a woman’s everyday needs.

After spending her life creating beautiful designs and products in the luxury market, Gabrielle Chanel passed away in 1971, leaving the door open for her ‘legend to prosper and thrive’ and for a new wave of fresh air to take over the empire.

In 1983 Karl Lagerfeld became Artistic Director of Chanel and was immediate in pushing the brand further. His focus on restoring Haute Couture whilst launching new elements such as the Ready-to-Wear collection have all been incredibly vital to the credibility of the Chanel name.

Photographing many of the Ready-to-Wear collections himself, Lagerfeld had incredible success with these designs and even kept up with the ever changing views of gender roles during the nineties, picking more androgenous models to adorn the clothes, in turn remaining the brands relativity to current cultural movements.

Chanel’s constant ability to remain current yet timeless is why its success is world renowned. The intricacy of its design, thought behind its beauty and stories behind its fragrances, build a brand that when you purchase a piece of Chanel, you are buying a piece of art that was created just for you.

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