Here at Timeless Vintage quality and authenticity is of the utmost priority for us. We have a rigorous quality check in place, that our team are fully trained in.

Designer items hold value in the namesake and houses from which they originate. Their excellent craftsmanship, and the designers commitment to exceptional form and quality, ensures that the piece truly is timeless. Unique materials, and a considered structure, all come together to form something extraordinary. Their beauty and craftsmanship really endures.

Exchanged between generations, gifted, loved and handed down, or swapped and exchanged as your own style evolves. They are important items, and we love being able to encourage and support the re-use and re-love of these pieces, whilst also guaranteeing their authenticity.

Therefore, our checks are meticulous and through and we are confident in our ability to distinguish authenticity, so much so, that we offer you our 100% guarantee. At the end of the day, we want our customers to be confident that what they are buying from us is an authentic designer item. So, we leave no room for error. Counterfeits and fake items have no place within circulation.

The Process

Every item, from handbags, to tote bags, scarves and luggage bags, that comes into our studio, goes through our “Authenticity & Quality Check” process. Our in house team have spent years conducting these examinations, allowing them to know exactly where to look for discrepancies, and enabling them to spot any inconsistencies with ease and deftness. The steps are as follows:

  1. Every new item gets assigned to go through our “Authenticity & Quality Check” process
  2. Labels are checked
  3. Serial numbers are checked
  4. Heat stamps are checked
  5. Patterning and symmetry is examined
  6. Metal hardware is examined
  7. Clasps and buckles are examined
  8. Linings and stitching are examined
  9. Overall material quality and craftsmanship is examined
  10. Item then either received approval or non-approval

This allows us to give you the most accurate representation and description of the items that enter into our collections.

We are familiar with a huge array of brands, and frequently handle the rarest of items. Every piece that we inspect is treated in the same way, handled with absolute care when being checked.

We are well educated on the crafting processes of each of the well-known design houses. From the stitches of Dior, the patterns of Louis Vuitton and the hardware of Chanel. This allows you to have full confidence in our ability to authenticate with a 100% assurance of its origin.

If you have any questions about any of the items that we are selling, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team is always willing to help and answers any questions you may have.

Remember, with Timeless Vintage, you are guaranteed to get the best, designer vintage items that money can buy.

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