In 2019, a handbag designed by Debbie Wingham, earned the title of “The World’s Most Expensive Handbag”

What was the price you ask? Well, only a whopping $6.7million! Something that can be described as an art-piece-slash-purse, the handbag is made of a series of different material, which belonged to an unknown American client of Debbie’s.

The result was an emu egg (a real emu egg!) covered in 8,000 diamonds and an interior which was lined with a silk Hermès scarf. The clasp, is essentially just a pair of Cartier earring, valued at $40,000, the outer “shell” is made from 24-karat gold and designed by Alessandro Galanti, which he added three flawless pink diamonds (valued at $1.9m) and two flawless white diamonds (valued at $265,00) to. Debbie decided to name the purse “Reborn” because of the fact all the items she used for the piece were upcycled from her client.

She posted this up on Instagram once the piece was finished and the sale made:

Debbie goes on to say: “I never thought I’d ever put “upcycling” and “worlds most expensive” in the same sentence, but here we are. It is my most unique piece yet. The highlight for me was Cartier jewellery as an embellishment”

Debbie Wingham has gained a reputation over the years for her over-the-top creations, which have included the world’s most expensive edible shoes and a life size wedding cake. We think she has really out done herself here!

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We know its not an emu egg, with flawless diamonds and a 24-karat exterior, but they come close… right?

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