The iconic Italian brand Prada is another brand synonymous with luxury. Not only are their bags made with excellent quality but they are classics in every decade.

Prada was founded in Milan in 1913, with the first store opening in the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele II in Milan. Mario Prada opened the store with his brother, Martino functioning as a leather goods company specialising in luggage and trunk-making.

Due to the excellent craftmanship of their products, Prada became a much-loved brand for the Italian royal family and in 1919 Prada became an official supplier to the Italian royal family. Since Prada became the official supplier of the Royal family, they have been able to display the House of Savoy coat of arms and knotted rope design in their iconic logo.  

In 1975 Mario’s daughter Miuccia joined the family business turning functional and started turning waterproof fabrics into stylish luxury bags, her first design being the classic nylon backpack in 1984.

As we start to plan ahead for future trips and holidays or just to look fashionable shopping, we have the perfect bags to carry your belongings safely and securely in. For those Prada lovers, we have created a collection of our favourite bags, which are available on our website. 

The Prada Tessuto Nylon Handbag

This iconic nylon handbag was popular in the 1990s and 2000s and came back into fashion last year with celebrities and influencers wearing the classic nylon handbag. Many of whom have styled this classic accessory with chunkier boots and leather jackets looking fashionable all year round.

Prada Saffiano Lux Mini Promenade Bag

The Prada Saffiano Leather bags are much loved by celebrities and costume designers on television shows. With the main character of Scandal Olivia Pope with her signature Prada bag and celebrities like Taylor Swift carrying the bag in their day-to-day life from the gym.

This vintage Prada Saffiano Lux Mini Promenade Bag is the perfect bag to have for the spring. The gold hardware combined with the light blue colour gives a stylish edge to add to any fashionable outfit.  The small size will be a fantastic bag to carry around all your essentials’.

Prada Galleria

The Prada Galleria bag was introduced in 2007, named after the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II”, this iconic and beloved bag is favourite amongst the Prada’s. With the structured silhouette, gold hardware and Prada’s signature triangle logo plaque it can add an elegance touch to any outfit. It is made from Saffiano leather, usually made from calf skin and is both resistant to scratches and water resistant and so it is ideal for those who are living in the rainier parts of the world. The expertly designed bag is timeless and has become the quintessential bag to have in your collection. 

This vintage Prada Galleria Lux Saffiano Leather Handbag with a beige colour and straps is exquisite and a marvellous choice to pair with an unusual print trousers or top. Not only is the beige a phenomenal and neutral colour but it looks fab for any time of the year.

Prada Luxury Tessuto Rolling Suitcase

This vintage Prada suitcase is the ideal bag to take on future holidays and will make travel feel like a luxury. The nylon material makes the bag very practical and perfect for travel as it is easy to wipe off any dirty marks and dust when travelling.

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