We believe in sustainable fashion and protecting our environment

Scrolling through our Social Media Apps we are often bombarded with influencers promoting their latest hauls and fashion looks which can often make us believe that we need the latest fashion product to keep with the current fashion trends, however these products are then discarded when it becomes out of fashion again and the cycle continues.

This ongoing cycle is otherwise known as Fast Fashion and is having a detrimental impact on our climate. “Fast Fashion” can be defined as cheap clothing made quickly for mass market consumption, often not very well made and fashionable for today’s consumers.

At Timeless Vintage sustainability is an integral part of our brand and we believe that buying vintage is the best way to appreciate fashion in a sustainable way. We care deeply about protecting the environment and appreciate the longevity, style and form of designer pieces and so have created an avenue for people to browse and buy pre-loved designer pieces.

Sustainable fashion is more eco-friendly, healthier for the people and our planet

Fast Fashion by its nature is not meant to last, these fashionable items are made cheaply in warehouses to meet demands for the hottest new styles, causing large amounts of waste as brands are willing to sacrifice the quality of their products for more purchases from their customers. Fast Fashion is typically made from petroleum-based materials such as nylon, acrylic and polyester which require huge amounts of energy during production.

Whilst sustainable designer fashion brands such as Dior, Chanel and Hermes to name a few, rarely focus on the latest fashion trends and instead focus on ensuring that their bags are timeless and through their excellent craftmanship can be passed down through generations.

Why vintage?

Choosing to splurge on a designer bag is a big investment, but due to the excellent craftmanship these bags can stand the test of time and look classic in every decade. For those who still want to have a designer bag without paying the full amount, they can buy vintage and experience the luxury of these brilliantly made bags but at a reduced price point.

What about these Luxury Brands, are they sustainable?

Louis Vuitton Sustainabilityvisit our Louis Vuitton range

From the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement to limit the average global warming to 1.5 °C, Louis Vuitton are currently preparing “a new action plan to align its emission reduction trajectory with scientific recommendations” and have reduced their energy consumption in their production sites by 12% between 2013-2019.

In 2013 Louis Vuitton was the first luxury house with an “ISO 14001 certified supply chain”, this certification allows them to “enact continuous environmental improvement objectives with our partners…and looking at energy-efficient vehicles and alternative fuels”.

Prada Sustainabilityvisit our Prada range

Prada alongside over sixty other global leading companies from the fashion and textile industry have signed The Fashion Pact, with the three main objectives are to: stop global warming, restore biodiversity and protect the oceans. They aim to gradually reduce the fashion industry’s negative impact on our climate through gradually reducing the usage of single-use plastics. They also aim to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and restore focus on natural ecosystems and protecting species.

The Prada Re-Nylon bags that every celebrity is wearing at the moment are made from Econyl, a material made from upcycling industrial nylon waste which can continue to be recyclable and made into other products. Prada also aims to convert all virgin nylon within their business to Econyl by the end of 2021. Econyl can reduce CO2 Emissions by 50% compared to the traditional nylon material.

For more information on the luxury brand’s sustainability mission statement, please visit their website.

Why choose Timeless Vintage Co to shop sustainably?

To guarantee that your vintage designer bag is both designer and in perfect condition at Timeless Vintage Co. we are both transparent and carry out an authenticity process. We can offer you a 100% guarantee as we are confident in our ability to ensure that the bags are 100% authentic. We also provide details of wear and tear with photos of the bag and have a fair grading system to ensure that you are aware of any tear with the bag before you buy it from us.

To access our glorious vintage designer bags, feel free to visit our website:


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