For decades celebrities have spearheaded new fashion trends, which have often become classic signature looks and continue to remain popular today in pop culture.

Designer bags are the ultimate fashion accessory and add a sense of elegance and chicness to any look. We have compiled a list of our favourite vintage bags in our collection that celebrities have worn over the last few decades.

Hermes Kelly 32 Handbag – £4,000

Grace Kelly, one of the most stylish women in the 20th century and Princess of Monaco’s favourite fashion designer brand was Hermes. She had a notable love for what was originally known as the Sac à dépêches, which had helped to hide her growing baby pump from the paparazzi.

Hermes Kelly 32 Handbag

The iconic picture of her taken by paparazzi appeared on the front cover of multiple magazines, which had a ripple effect in Hollywood and led to the bag being renamed as the ‘Kelly bag’. Kelly was the epitome of elegance and sophistication, the same qualities that the bag pocesses. The Kelly bag has inspired many celebrities to continue to wear this beloved bag due to its practical size, simplicity and sleek look.

Louis Vuitton Suitcases:

Since manufacturing luggage in the 1800s Louis Vuitton and luxury travel has gone hand in hand, for decades with celebrities and fashion icons bringing their Louis Vuitton suitcases to travel overseas. Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor have most notably used the trunks. If you are lucky enough to spot a celebrity at an airport, the likelihood is that they will be carrying Louis Vuitton luggage.

These designer trunks have appeared in the films: James Bond (1985) ‘A View to a Kill’, ‘Nine’ (2009) and ‘Sex in the City’ (2008).

Sex in the City (2008)

Louis Vuitton President Monogram Briefcase Trunk- £1,900

With both the fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw and spy James Bond using these designer trunks, you can trust that these bags will make you feel just as fashionable and badass wearing them. This trunk is both durable and looks fashionable when carrying your essentials whether you are travelling or just on the go.

Prada Saffiano Bag

The Prada Saffiano Leather Lux Bags have been seen carried on hit television shows like Scandal by their main character Olivia Pope, to celebrities like Taylor Swift carrying the bag in their day-to-day life from the gym.

Prada Milano Beige Patent Saffiano Lux Leather Mini Handbag – £380

This vintage classic Saffiano mini structured handbag can add a sophisticated touch to your look, whether you are at work like Olivia Pope or when wearing more casual clothes and wanting to style your outfit up.

The Prada Tessuto Nylon Handbag – £350

This iconic vintage nylon Handbag from the 90s and 200s came back into fashion last year.  Celebrities and influencers have styled these ‘it’ bags with leather jackets and chunkier shoes. The small and dainty bag with the nylon material makes it durable and fashionable all year round.

Kendall Jenner, model and fashionista has sported the bag, with a monochrome look. However, it could also be styled with more patterned prints.

Christian Dior Trotter Monogram Chain Shoulder Handbag – £350

This vintage Dior bag is the embodiment of casual chic and girly fashion in the early 2000s,  with celebrities like Paris Hilton wearing the Dior trotter monogram bag.

The embroidered pink Dior Oblique motif gives an effortless and feminine inspired look when carrying your essential belongings. The monogram detail and shoulder chain adds a unique touch, with the beige and cream colour being perfect for the summertime.

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