A vintage designer scarf is an essential fashion staple in any wardrobe.

For those who may not want to splurge designer items such as a handbag, a vintage designer scarf can still add the wow factor to any look. Vintage designer scarves are high quality, stand the test of time and continue to remain fashionable throughout the decades.

With the increasing popularity to wear vintage clothes and accessories, many iconic figures and celebrities have created more and more stylish looks with their designer scarves; some styling them as a top, cravat or an accessory to hang off your handbag.  

There are endless ways to style this versatile fashion accessory, so we have compiled our top ten ways to easily accessorise your outfit and style your vintage designer scarf.

As A Top

This trend emerged in the summer of 2020 when Kourtney Kardashian, Bella Hadid and other celebrities brought back this effortlessly cool look. Perfect for the summer, when the weather is warmer and you want to wear cooler temperature clothes. The beautifully light and soft material with fun prints can make you look radiant.

Rare Chanel Multicolour Stamps of the World Silk Scarf available at Timeless for – £222.00 – BUY NOW

This rare Chanel Multicolour Stamps of the World Silk Scarf is the ultimate statement piece to pair with minimalist accessories and neutral trousers. This unique vibrant red and blue silk scarf features postage stamp styled images illustrating countries from around the world which would have international appeal.

The Iconic Bandana/ Headband

This hairstyle gained traction in the 60s with Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy rocking this look and becoming popular again in the early 2000s when singer Beyonce and Christina Aguilera were photographed wearing them. These scarves were styled like this so they could be worn as a stylishly cool accessory with the added bonus that they protect your hair in the sun and rain.

Hermés Carre 90 Eperdon D’or Golden Spur Silk Scarf is an essential accessory to any outfit. This piece designed by artist Henri d’Orginy at first glance has a simple blue and gold geometric designer, looking further you can see a more intrinsic design around horses with reins, spurs and stirrups. For those who love horses or want to look chic any time of the year, we would highly recommend this scarf.

Around Your Neck Or As A Cravat

Styling the scarf around your neck can look timeless and accentuate your facial features. Many celebrities have worn this iconic style, gaining traction in 1953 in the romantic film Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn, who plays Princess Anne. Another iconic moment in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep’s character Miranda Priestly styled it like this.

The Christian Dior Ladies Red Trotter Monogram Silk Neck Scarf would be a glamorous touch to add to your outfit. The vibrant red and the Letter D monogram detail can be a striking fashion accessory.

As A Stylish Handbag Accessory

If you want to create your own unique style for your handbag, try tying your designer scarf to your handbag handle to add a pop of colour and glamour to your look.

The Chanel Ladies Silk Neck Scarf can look luxurious alongside one of your designer bags. The dramatic red with gold and pearl design has a regal feel to it. We would recommend pairing the scarf with the Chanel Lambskin Leather Black Kelly Handbag

In Your Ponytail

For more of a subtle look, we would recommend tying your designer scarf in your hair. This can make add the finishing touch to any outfit, both day and night.

As A Headscarf

This iconic style has been popular for generations with fashion icons such as Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn wearing them. The Queen continues to wear her designer scarves as a headscarf as both a fashion statement and protecting her hair from the weather.

This gorgeous Chanel Ladies Yacht Multicoloured Silk Scarf will make you look graceful throughout the year and will look amazing especially paired with a white, green or a navy outfit.

As A Belt

Another popular style is to wear your scarf as a belt, by threading it through your trouser belt loops. This can carve out your shape and add more of a silhouette. We would recommend selecting your scarf based around the rest of your outfit to help complement your look.

As A Fashionable Face Covering

One recent style featured in the tabloid press is wearing your scarf as a face covering. This captivating look was recently worn by Olivia Palermo and was a stylish way to cover her face whilst still looking fashionable. If you want to walk around outside with the added protection of a face covering, you could roll your scarf so that is several layers thick to provide better protection whilst still looking effortlessly stylish.

As a shawl to protect you both in the winter and summer months

A vintage designer scarf can be a great source of warmth as another layer in the winter or as protection from the sun on your shoulders in the summer.

As a bracelet

A fun way to make your look more glamourous is to style your scarf as a bracelet. If you’re going on holiday and have a limited space it is such a great accessory. It can bring the pizazz to absolutely any outfit.  

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