Hermès handbags have been tagged as some of the world’s most exclusive, iconic, handcrafted bags. As an addition, they have gained the tag as having some of the world’s most expensive bags.

The luxury handbag market is particularly crowded. There are countless well-known brands, offering fantastic products for all kind of tastes. Hermès however, occupies its own special spot within this mish mash of brands, standing out as the lighthouse in a sea of products and multiple options.

You see, there is a difference between being a designer handbag consumer and being a Hermès consumer. What is it? Why do it? Don’t worry, we’re to help, guide and explain. After that, the balls in your court as they say.

  • The holy grail

When it comes to handbag brands, Hermès, is the best, bar none. There is no other company that can replicate and do what Hermès do. The true holy grail of handbags.

  • Umm, that looks expensive?

Not all designer handbags, look expensive. Designers biggest challenge, is making their handbags look expensive, rather then letting the logo do all the legwork. Hermès however, not so much. Even vintage Hermès, give off a vibe of luxury and sophistication, thanks to the world class materials and manufacturing process the bag goes through.

  • Colour. Done Properly

Getting the right colour saturation is a hard process, especially when it comes to dying leather. Getting that deep shade of red, green, purple or green has been mastered by very few designers. Hermès, have not just mastered the aforementioned shades, but they have mastered practically every colour you can imagine.

  • Independent Company, Traditional Craftsmanship

Even with a number of brands trying to launch takeover bids in the past, Hermes has stuck to its principles and remained independent and family-owned. Meaning, Hermès has maintained its old-world craftsmanship, tradespeople and artisans. This means that the craftsmanship that Hermès offers, is simply, the best in the world from all handbag designers.

  • Celebrity discount? Don’t think so

Celebrity? Here’s a free handbag, could you put it on social media for us? Say most other designers. Hermès however? No thanks. You pay retail, just like everyone else. There are no special circumstances for Hermès, everyone is equal.

  • Invest in Value

The really unique thing about Hermès handbags, is how they keep their value. It is a well-known fact, that Hermès handbags, actually increase in value through the year. Thanks to the limited production of a certain handbag and the level of craftsmanship, buying a Hermès, is actually an investment. Some say it is actually a better investment then gold or the stock market. Not just a fashion item for now, but an investment opportunity for the future,

  • Perfection

The stitching will be tight and right, the leather will be perfect, the hardware will be scratch free and everything will just shout pure class. A Hermès handbag is as close to perfection as you can get.

We know that Hermès handbags are expensive, but hopefully now you know why. We honestly think you can put this handbag in the same bracket as diamonds, precious hardware, exotics and custom products.

Exquisite. Perfection. Stunning. Hermès.

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