Her name was Gabrielle, her nickname was Mademoiselle, but she will always be known as Coco.

By transforming practicality into an aesthetic, she set women free and invented a unique style that is both utterly personal nd universally recognised. “Elegane means being beautiful both on the inside and out”. The fruit of unique craftsmanship that also calls upon new technologies, the products approach perfection at each stage of the production process. Only the finest leather and the most noble materials meet Channels standards of quality. More than 100 operations, many of them manual, are necessary to bring about in the end a perfect leather product.

A commitment to quality, an unparalled attention to detail, a determination to avoid all false pretences ; every bag features real, useful pockets on both the inside and outside.

As early as 1930, Mademoiselle Chanel was inspired to create a shoulderbag, thus freeing womens hands and radically changing the allure. She drew inspiration for the early models from soldiers rucksacks and produced them in jersey lined with petersham. An immediate success, this bag reached the height of its popularity in February 1955, with the so called 2.55 model. With its quilted effect inspired by staple boys jackets, eyelets through which the chain strap can be passed through, golden turnlock closure, double CC topstitched into the lining, and perfect proportions, the Chanel bag was already destined to become a legend. Since then it has been revamped thousands of times, daring to take on all possible forms, in all possible materials and colours.

Wether for love of symbols, precision.. or superstition, Mademoiselle Chanels life has been punctuated by a series of numbers that today comprise a universal set of refrences.

Number 5, the eternal, unforgettable, fragrance and in its wake numbers 19 and 22 . 31 Rue Cmbon, the special place that witnessed first hand Chanels entire history.

The 2.55 bag of mythic proportions that today is accompanied by the 2005, whose modernity pays tribute to the 3rd millenium.

Each Chanel leather product is unique and comes with an identity card that guarantees its authenticity. The card number is writted on the inside of a product.

A Chanel leather product is made to last, provided that you look after i. Humour its elegant line, never overloading it. Treat its delicate surface with the same care and do not expose the leather to sun or moisture or let it come into contact with mke up or perfume. Light coloured patent leather should not be placed adjacent to dark coloured materials for long periods of time.

Sinc 1983 Karl Lagerfield has been the driving force behind Chanel designs by perpetuating the values so dear to mademoiselle Chanel, femininity, freedom, audacity and modernity. His challend is both to innovate and to suprise. Each collection is like an aesthetic shock, the suprise of yet another new way of interpreting the beloved Chanel style…


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